2.2 (#220)
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Factory - Interface in org.swixml
An interface to represent a generic factory
find(String) - Method in class org.swixml.SwingEngine
Returns the UI component with the given name or null.
FlowLayoutConverter - Class in org.swixml.layoutconverters
A layout converter for java.awt.FlowLayout.
FlowLayoutConverter() - Constructor for class org.swixml.layoutconverters.FlowLayoutConverter
FontConverter - Class in org.swixml.converters
The FontConverter class defines / describes
FontConverter() - Constructor for class org.swixml.converters.FontConverter
forget(String) - Method in class org.swixml.SwingEngine
Removes the id from the internal from the id map, to make the given id available for re-use.
FormLayoutConverter - Class in org.swixml.layoutconverters
A layout converter for com.jgoodies.forms.layout.FormLayout.
FormLayoutConverter() - Constructor for class org.swixml.layoutconverters.FormLayoutConverter
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2.2 (#220)

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