2.2 (#220)
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LayoutConverter - Interface in org.swixml
The LayoutConverter interface defines a layout converter that creates LayoutManager objects and constraints objects based on a provided XML attributes or elements.
LayoutConverterLibrary - Class in org.swixml
The LayoutConverterLibrary contains all available LayoutConverters.
LocaleConverter - Class in org.swixml.converters
The LocaleConverter class defines / describes
LocaleConverter() - Constructor for class org.swixml.converters.LocaleConverter
LOCALIZED_ATTRIBUTES - Static variable in class org.swixml.Parser
Localiced Attributes
Localizer - Class in org.swixml
The Localizer class provides consumers with a simple localization tools: getString(key).
Localizer() - Constructor for class org.swixml.Localizer
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2.2 (#220)

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